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Attendance Management

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 – Go to WPHRM > Attendance Management. Using attendance management you can mark and view the attendances of the employees that you have added earlier.

Note: You can Enable auto attendance marking feature from settings area under General tab.

Step 3 – To mark attendance for a particular day, click on Mark Attendance. For those who are absent for the day you can change their status from Present to Absent like shown in the screen shot, Once done, click on Submit. In case if you don’t enter Leave Type and Reason for the absent candidates by default it will be considered as paid leave.

Step 4 – In case if you want to make changes in the previous marked attendances. Click on Edit Attendance. You need to pick a date from the Select Date option available on the top right corner. Choose a date and you will be able to edit the attendance of that particular day.

Step 5 – You can mark the attendance in Bulk using the below option. Just pick the dates and click on Submit button.

Step 6 – You can view the attendance summary in calander view of any employee using View option. Change the month and year to find previous logs, you will find a summary of total attended days and availed sick and casual leaves at the bottom left corner.

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