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Step 1 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 – Go to WPHRM > Employees. To add a new employee, click on Add New Employee, You will find the complete employee list here with their status whether they are active or inactive.

Step 3 – You can add all the important details such as photo, salary and bank details etc. Attachment option allows you to attach the relevant documents as per your requirements. Once it’s done, click on Save and your data will be stored in the database. All other sections have SAVE buttons too, but those buttons will get acivated only when you save Personal details section.

Note: Assign the user role carefully. Default role for all users should be Subscriber.
You can create a specific role from settings area and assign permission to employees.

Step 4 – If you want to View or Edit the employee profiles that you have created, it is just one click away.

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