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There are various number of fields which can be added or edited using the settings option.

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 – Go to WPHRM > Settings.

General Settings
Company Informations: You can upload your company’s logo, add address, phone number, e-mail id etc. You can also assign a custom currency as per your country.
Note : These all details will be visible on the salary slips that will be generated.

Change Password: Change your current password using this option.

Notifications: You can Enable or Disable, notice board and leave application notifications from here.

Automatic Attendance: Keep the toggle switch Enable if you want attendance to be marked automatically. On keeping it disable you need to mark the attndance on daily basis.

Set Expense Report Amount: – You can set a minimum value for the profit and loss graph here. It will be displayed on dashboard and it indicates the profit and loss of the year on monthly basis. By default, the maximum value will be ten times of the expense amount which will be set here.


Employee Page Settings
Information Section: Hide or Show sections on employee page as per your requirment.

Bank Details Field: Add end number of bank details fields.

Salary Details Field: Add end number of salary details fields.

Upload Documents: You can add custom fields to attach various documents with employee profile.

Other Details Field: You can add as many fields as you require.


Salary Settings
Salary By Month/ Week/ Hours: As per your selected method here, salary will be calculated. For Month and wWeek salary details will be fetched on the base of attandance marked by admin. Incase of hourly basis, admin needs to manually create the salary slips from Salary Management.

Salary Slip Layout: You can set the position of the logo to left, right or center of the slip. Using content, you can add more details in the footer of the salary slip and that can be aligned too. Using color picker tool you can set border, headings & font color very easily. Now, you can add or remove the decimals as per your need. By default it’ll be set to show 2 decimal values. If you do not wish to keep it, set the decimal value to zero and click on the save button.

Custom Fields For salary Slips: If you want custom fileds printed on every salary slips add them here. Such as company registration number etc.

Salary Slip Fields: You can easily add more fields in the earnings and deductions section which will be displayed in the salary slip.

Salary Generation: You can enable/disable autmoatice salary slips generator. If it’s enabled choose a date on which you want salary slips to be generated automatically. You can add default message, which will be printed on every salary slips.


Import/Export Settings
Export: Export your database with single click and it’s ready to imported by WPHRM on another website.

Import: Import database with single click. Refer FAQ for better explanation.


Permissions Settings
Role Permissions: You can create a new role from here and assign permissions to it. Later on go to Employees and change the employee role to this new assigned permissions. Now, He/She will have rights to access those departments and has the full authority for those specific assigned departments.

– You can edit already created role using edit option.


Messages Settings – All the success messages that appears will be editable here. You can click on view/edit and rename the text as per your requirements.

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