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Leave Management

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 – Go to WPHRM > Leave Management. You will be able to see your applied leave and its approval status here. You can also delete your applied leave using the delete button, before it is approved or rejected.

Step 3
– To appply for a new leave click on Create Leave Application. You will get a pop up where you can select days and apply for a Bulk Leave, One Day Leave or Half Day Leave. When you’re done, click on the Apply Leave button to apply. You can also apply for a halfday leave on the same day.

E.g. 1. To mark leave in bulk, select the dates you wish to apply leave for and click on Apply Leave. Keep the toggle to Full and all the days will be considered as full day leave.
2. To apply one particular day as half day leave and rest of the days as full leave, change the From Date or To Date leave status to Half and the rest one as Full, as per your preference of leave.
3. Keep Both the toggle to Half and set the starting date and ending date, the rest of the days fall between will be considered as full day leave.
4. To apply for Half day leave select the date in From Date field and the same date will be copied in
To Date field, just switch the toggle from Full to Half and click on Apply Leave.

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