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Enable Attendance by Employee Login/Logout

If you want to enable attendance by Employee Login/Logout then you need to go to WPHRM settings area and enable it as shown below:


Here you can set Full day working hours and half day working hours. For. e.g. if you’ve set full day working hours as 8 hrs and half day working hrs as 3 hrs then if an employee logs in and he logs out after 3 hrs then for that day attendance will be marked as half day and if logs out after 8 hrs then it will be marked as Full Day.

Please note that an employee can log in and log out multiple times a day. These 3 hrs and 8 hours will be total hours of login.

Checking Total Time of an Employee
In order to total checked in time for the employee, you need to go to attendance management and in front of a particular employee, you need to click on the 2nd icon as shown below:

Once clicked, you will see the details with EDIT option as shown below:

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