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Plugin Installation via FTP

If you are going to install the plugin using FTP, you will need an FTP Client, such as FileZilla.

After the purchase you will be able to download the plugin .zip file.
When done, you should see wphrm.zip (zip file name can be changed from version to version).

Please, follow the steps below to install WPHRM Plugin.

Step 1 – Log into your hosting space (server) via FTP client.

Step 2 – In extracted archive folder, find wphrm folder

Step 3 – Upload the wphrm folder to your server in path …/wp-content/plugins/

Step 4 – The uploaded path should be like this: …/wp-content/plugins/wphrm/

Step 5 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate the WPHRM Plugin. (see screenshots below )

Step 7 – Congratulations ! You are ready to use WPHRM Plugin, but first Activate your license key.

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