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Incredibly fast HR processing is only a few clicks away. Utilize WPHRM’s straightforward interface to manage all your departments, employees, attendance, notices, leave requests, and finances.

Multiple Departments

Enjoy the simplicity of department management to separate tasks between teams and delegate efficiently. Add employee job titles within each department for even better organization.

Unlimited Employees

With all your employees in one simple-to-use dashboard, miscommunications become a thing of the past. Employee information such as personal info, bank details, emergency contacts, and much more now resides all in one place. You can even add your own custom fields.

Attendance Report

Kickstart attendance every day using the bulk attendance control and quickly swipe through past logs to solve discrepancies. Ditch the paper and pencil and mark bulk attendance with just a few clicks, or completely automate it and enable Auto Mark Attendance.

Leave Management

Receive timely in-dash notifications whenever an employee sends through a leave request; then approve or deny in 1 click. Our exclusive half-day attendance marking feature provides dead-on accuracy or total days spent in leave. Employees enjoy the ability to request leave for a half day on the same day.

Salary Slip Generator

Generating salary slips is a piece of cake with our PDF processing tool that allows you to customize your slip just how you want it. Employees can request salary slips whenever making manual calculations a whisper of the past.

Finance Management

Skip the accountant with WPHRM’s itemized finance management tool to instantly generate monthly and yearly reports for incredibly easy analysis.

One Click Notifications

Keep work separated from your personal email with in-dash notifications for both admins and employees whenever leave requests and reports are generated. Stay updated with the latest notifications pushed by your employer.

What Makes WPHRM Better Than Other HR Management Tools?

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3 Things: Ease of Use, Superior Features, Ongoing Development and Support
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Easily Hosted With WordPress

1-click installation and updates make using WPHRM a breeze

Easily Manage Employees

Now there are no HR employees needed as daily management tasks are completed in a fraction of the time. Take 10 minutes each day to manage everything in a jiffy.

Front-End Dashboard

New lightning release of frontend login usage makes navigating WPHRM smooth for employees and admin. Eliminate the WordPress dashboard that can be unfriendly for newbies.

Ready to see just how simple life becomes when HR tasks are compartmentalized and completed in just a few minutes per day? Click one of the options below to check our pricing and figure out what works best for your WordPress business.