The Latest WordPress HR Solution That Can Save Your Business Over $47,000 a Year!

The Latest WordPress HR Solution That Can Save Your Business Over $47,000 a Year!

Isn’t it just a pain dealing with HR work while you’re in the middle of big projects for clients? Now, you must put in extra hours and the threat of missed deadlines looms over your head.

I know the feeling all too well. We considered hiring an HR rep, but the average rep would cost us a $47,000/yr + benefits salary!

Our solution means you can put that $47,000 to better use — no HR rep needed.

Hey guys, I’m Santosh Singh, founder of Ommune, the company that developed the time and money-saving WordPress Human Resources Manager (WPHRM), the most helpful WordPress-based HR solution.

We developed WPHRM because we couldn’t find ANYTHING that could help us effectively manage employee data and other HR-related things without taking up so much of our time. And of course, we didn’t want to hire an HR rep at $47,000 a year.

Would you? Of course not!

So, we wanted a simple, organized system and interface to replace tedious time-sucking spreadsheets. We tried a few WP plugins and SaaS based apps, but there was nothing that adequately solved our problem at an affordable price point!

That’s when we made our move!

Your story may be similar to ours. In the beginning, we had just two people on our development team and were going through the hiring process. Suddenly, in just two months, we had a team of 10!

It feels good to grow your company, right? But wait! Now there’s a problem. We were swamped with HR work!

But we were already far too busy with our core work, hiring people, deploying projects, managing finances — you know how it is. We simply felt like we were wasting valuable time on HR activities instead of dedicating time to our clients’ work.

Thus, projects were taking longer and we were missing out on valuable money!

So, we needed to leverage technology and automate things such as entry of employee details, attendance, and salary slips.

Plus, when you have technology working HR for you 24/7, you don’t have to pay that HR rep $47,000 to handle what software can do for a tiny fraction of the price.

A simple WordPress plugin was our solution!

Like many companies, we use WordPress for our main site, and our expert developers are very familiar with it, so naturally, a WordPress plugin was the obvious answer.

We used our own experience and asked other company owners and managers like yourself what they would want in an HR plugin.

We started with an employee interface module where we could easily add new employee’s information such as their photo, emergency contact information, blood type, their offer letters, etc. Of course, this info can help save lives in the case of an emergency.

When the employee module was finished, it instantly reduced our employee-data record-keeping problems by 30%, saving us so much time in the onboarding new hires process. And it wasn’t even optimized yet!

Then we started with a holidays module to keep our small notice board clear of holiday flyers to make room for more valuable info.

We hated a cluttered notice board! After a certain point, everyone stops looking at it because it has so many pointless things on it.

Then we moved on to attendance and salary modules until we had developed the full HR package. After 13-14 months of development and testing, the end result is the WPHRM proudly featured at

We love it because it saves a lot of time, and ultimately, MONEY!

Why would you love it?

If you’re a growing startup or an established small or medium sized enterprise that doesn’t have any human resource management system in place, or you have a difficult-to-manage HRM system in place, then you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by trying out WPHRM for yourself.

Here’s why many other companies have loved WPHRM:

  1. Easy to Use: WPHRM is very simple to grasp. We developed it to be intuitive, even for those who are new to WordPress.
  2. WordPress CMS Based: WPHRM is a WordPress-based plugin, so it can be easily installed on ANY WordPress website. Most startups and SMEs prefer to use WordPress as it’s the easiest and most widely used content management system.
  3. Amazing Features: WPHRM has amazing features! Too many to name here, so see them for yourself at Check out our demo video as well, so you can get a good feel for how easily you will be able to manage your business without an HR rep.
  4. Self-Hosted and Cloud-Hosted Options: We offer two options: self-hosted and cloud-hosted. For the self-hosted option, you buy the plugin and install it on your website. But for the cloud-hosted option, we’ll provide you a managed solution where we’ll install and manage your WPHRM on our server. If you’re a non-IT company, you should select this option so you won’t need to hire any support guy to manage this HRM system for you!
  5. Reliable Support Team: We’re a top-rated software development team that has been surpassing client expectations for over a decade. You can check out our profile where we have over 500 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating:
  6. Continuous development and maintenance: You can rest assured WPHRM will never become dated because we have a dedicated team of experts that contribute to WPHRM’s further development and maintenance. You will get all these updates for free and right in your WP dashboard for one year from your date of purchase.
  7. No-Commitment Free Trial Is Available. Buy only when you are 100% confident. If you try it out and are still not 100% sure, we’re more than happy to give you trial access to WPHRM. Simply fill out this form:
  8. Meet Like-Minded People in Our WPHRM Facebook Group: Once you buy WPHRM, you gain exclusive access to our WPHRM Facebook Buyers group where you can ask your HRM related queries to like-minded folks for FREE!

And much more….

For a tool that will save you so much money and time, investing in WPHRM may be the best thing you do for your business this year.

It will not only solve your existing HR management problems, but your employees will also love the convenient features, and as a result, the entire company will enjoy the benefits of WPHRM, just as we do here at Ommune!

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to our quick and dedicated support team at support[at] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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