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WPHRM – Fast Track Employee Management Straight From Your
WordPress Dashboard

Spending too much time

Minimise your time and increase your productivity with WPHRM, and manage your employees, salaries, leaves, attendance and more with just few clicks.

Unlimited Emloyees

Attendance Management

Salary Slip Generator

Leave Management

Multi Departments

Manage Public Notifications

How to

Get Started In 3 Steps

Check Demo
Check our demo file to have look and feel of the layout and features of the plugin.
01 - Step
Select a Plan
Select the plan of your choice, which are : Star1up, Advanc3d & Profess10nal.
02 - Step
Go live
Customize the features according to your preferences and usage
03 - Step

New Lightning Release

WPHRM Frontend Login

WPHRM – WordPress HR Plugin Frontend was thoughtfully designed for employees, giving them a simple and intuitive interface that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website.
Not everyone in your company is going to be familiar with the workings of WordPress, and even if they are, who wants to see the boring WordPress dashboard every day?
To solve this issue, we’ve come up with the Frontend Login, which provides a more attractive interface for both employee and employer. ​

How do I create

Employee Management System in WordPress?

Dont Worry! we got you covered. We will set up a Cloud based WordPress HRM System for you where you can easily manage all your employee data and other HR activities.

You are just one-click away. Check out NOW!

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See How Painless Employee Management can be

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How can

WPHRM help me?

Our WordPress Employee Management System helps you manage all your Employees’ data like personal information, joining date, department, designation, salary, bank account details and much more from one place.

Our WordPress HR Plugin helps you easily manage your employees’ attendance at one click and generate attendance reports.

Our WordPress HR Plugin helps you approve your employees’ leaves with one click.

Our WordPress HR Plugin helps you approve your employees’ leaves with one click.

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What is WPHRM?

The struggle to manage employees has been solved with the introduction of WPHRM, the comprehensive WordPress HR management suite that will send your business soaring with huge savings in both time and money.

Developed for startups and small/medium enterprises, WPHRM allows you to quickly manage employee data, such as personal info, attendance, salary records, leaves, holidays, and much more.
You’ll discover instantly how effortless it becomes to manage your business through our beautifully simple WordPress interface.

Created by the programming gurus of Ommune, a top-rated software development team with a perfect 5-star rating on based on over 600+ reviews!

what is wphrm

What is

So Special about WPHRM ?

400+ Downloads

5 Star Rating

250+ Reviews

Read our reviews if

Don't trust our words.

Superfast support! I opened a ticket and got a response immediately, also the software support team listens for feedback and they look to enhance tool functionality. Definitely recommend this tool.
Jaber Adam
This Plugin awesome ! Iys exactly what I needed for my business. I asked for a tweak and it was done by the developer in seconds. Unbelievable support! You have a customer for life! Keep Making things, and I'll buy them.
AJC Photo
Questions and emails replies were very quick! Awesome support keep it up guys!
Michael Serom

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Easily host and install the WPHRM
zip folder to your own WordPress server.

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