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Looking For HR Management Software To Manage Your Employees?

If you're a startup or an MSME seeking a user-friendly HR management solution, then WPHRM is the right choice for you. It is an easy-to-setup and use WordPress plugin that includes all the essential features needed to manage your employees effectively.

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HR Management Software

Start Your Employee Management and HR Management Software in 3 Simple Steps.

To set up WPHRM, first login to your WordPress admin panel. If you don't have a WordPress website, please contact us for assistance.

HR Management Software

Install WPHRM Plugin

Download the WPHRM plugin from your dashboard and install it. Activate it first and then activate the license. Buy WPHRM, if you haven't bought it yet.

HR Management Software


Add Departments, Employee designations, Holidays, Leave Policies, Weekends, etc from the "Settings" menu of WPHRM.

HR Management Software

Add Employees

Start adding employees one by one. That's it. Isn't it super simple? It is. Our team worked very hard to make it as simple as possible. Please check the documentation to know more about WPHRM features.

What’s in it for you

Seamless HR, Seamless Results.

Tired of the sea of spreadsheets and paperwork? Struggling to keep up with the demands of HR and employee management? Say goodbye to the past and embrace the future with WPHRM's cutting-edge HR management software. We're not just another option; we are your ideal and affordable solution designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

HR Management Software

Automated HR processes for increased efficiency

HR Management Software

Time and attendance tracking for accurate payroll processing

HR Management Software

Leave management system to streamline employee time-off requests

HR Management Software

Reporting and analytics to gain insights into your HR processes

HR Management Software
HR Management Software

Elevate Your HR Experience with a Truly Personalized Dashboard

With WPHRM, you can customize your dashboard by choosing which widgets to display according to access levelsWe get it, at WPHRM, we know that HR management software isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We're here to give you a dashboard that's like a mirror reflecting your specific needs, the essence of your company's culture, and your dreams for effortless employee management and HR and payroll software.

HR Management Software

Add your company logo to the dashboard to create a branded experience.

HR Management Software

Changing the color scheme of the dashboard is a useful feature.

Customize Your Dashboard

When it comes to HR management software, one size certainly doesn't fit all. Your business is as unique as your employees, and your HR and payroll software should reflect this individuality. WPHRM is your gateway to a truly personalized HR journey, where customization isn't just an option – it's a powerful tool to elevate your employee management to new heights.

HR Management Software

Configure the system to match your specific workweek.

HR Management Software

Set the number of workdays in a week according to your company policy for accurate payroll calculations.

HR Management Software

Set departments and their goals for efficient HR Management Software.

HR Management Software

Customize salary payouts for every employee.

HR Management Software

Generate salary slips with ease for streamlined payroll management.

HR Management Software

Minimize your Time and Increase your Productivity with WPHRM

Add Unlimited Employees

Add and manage an unlimited number of employees' information to the system.

Employee Attendance Management

For Tracking employee attendance and generating reports.

Salary Slip Generator

Generate and manage salary slips of employees, making it easier to manage payroll.

Voting System

Voting feature that enables businesses to conduct polls and gather employee feedback

Employee Leave Management

Allows businesses to manage employee leave requests, approvals, and balances.

Notification Management

Enables businesses to notify employees of company news, announcements, and updates.

Multi Department Integration

Manage multiple departments and integrate them into their HR Management Software.

Internal Messaging System

Enables employees and management to communicate securely within the dashboard.

HR Management Software
HR Management Software

Unbeatable Value for Exceptional HR Management

What are you waiting for?

Install WPHRM today and take control of your employee management like never before!

HR Management Software

Get Regular Updates

HR Management Software

Free Setup

HR Management Software

Free Google Meet call

HR Management Software

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HR Management Software

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HR Management Software

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What Our Customers Say About WPHRM

Jaber Adam



Superfast support! I opened a ticket and got a response immediately, also the software support team listens for feedback and they look to enhance tool functionality. Definitely recommend this tool.

Michael Serom



Questions and emails replies were very quick! Awesome support keep it up guys! Great Support and an Amazing WordPress Plugin.

AJC Photo



This Plugin awesome ! Iys exactly what I needed for my business. I asked for a tweak and it was done by the developer in seconds. Unbelievable support! You have a customer for life! Keep Making things, and I'll buy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recurring payment for WPHRM is for the ongoing support, maintenance, and updates that the plugin receives. It ensures that the software stays up-to-date with the latest WordPress updates, security patches, and bug fixes, and that you have access to customer support whenever you need it.

WPHRM is a WordPress plugin designed to streamline and simplify employee management especially for Startups and MSMEs. It is an all-in-one solution for managing employee records, attendance, leave, recruitment, and more.

WPHRM works by creating a dedicated dashboard within the WordPress admin area where you can manage all aspects of employee management. You can create and maintain employee records, track attendance and leaves, generate custom reports, manage holidays, and much more.

WPHRM also offers advanced features such as customisable user roles and permissions, and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use even for non-technical users.

Although WPHRM is a paid WordPress plugin, we provide a 30-days free trial period, during which you can evaluate the plugin’s performance. If you’re not satisfied with WPHRM, you can cancel your subscription at any time within the trial period without any charges. After the trial period, you’ll be charged for the plugin. Thus, you can test WPHRM without any risk.

Yes, WPHRM offers an advanced payroll management feature that enables businesses to efficiently manage employee payroll and generate salary slips. With WPHRM, you can automate payroll calculations, generate salary slips for each employee, and manage employee payment histories. Additionally, WPHRM enables you to manage employee benefits, deductions, and taxes, ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Yes, WPHRM offers customer support and regular updates to ensure that users get the most out of the plugin.
WPHRM provides dedicated customer support through email and Whatsapp, where clients can ask questions, report issues, and receive timely assistance from the WPHRM support team.
Additionally, WPHRM releases regular updates to improve functionality, address security vulnerabilities, and ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. Users can access these updates through the WordPress dashboard, where they will receive notifications when updates are available.
Overall, WPHRM’s commitment to providing excellent customer support and regular updates demonstrates its dedication to delivering a high-quality HR management solution for WordPress users.

To inquire about the number of licenses required for your needs, please contact us at . Our team will assist you in determining the best course of action.

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to WPHRM features, and also future updates will not be available to you.

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HR Management Software