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WPHRM is the best Payroll Software Company in India, seeing your small business grow is one of the most satisfying aspects of entrepreneurship. Growth also means that, at some point, it will be time to grow your experts and team. Many small businesses start by contracting out certain tasks and using freelancers as needed, which usually involves paying them when they issue invoices.

However, paying and managing employees has more complex tax and legal obligations that do not apply to independent contractors. Choosing software that makes payroll management easy will save you time, make it easier to comply with regulations and ensure that your employees get paid on time. To assist you decide, we've put together a list of the best payroll software for small businesses in India—let's take a look.

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What is payroll software?

Payroll Software India enables you to manage your employee payroll, ensuring you are in compliance with federal and provincial payroll laws. They usually feature direct deposits from the account you've linked into your employees' bank accounts, as well as prepare T4 slips for tax time and calculate income taxes, CPP deductions, EI remittances, and other deductions. which you are responsible for sending to the government.

The best payroll software in India for small businesses also integrate HR features such as hiring, onboarding, ability for employees to request time off, the management of group benefits, and other features that may be valuable to you as a small business owner without a dedicated HR staff.

Choosing a payroll software in India

Below, we provide an overview of top five payroll software options for Indian small businesses, but the best option for you will depend on the size and needs of your business. Keep these factors in mind when choosing which software is best for you:

Your budget: Although there are many affordable options, various fees can add up. Before choosing software with a ton of features, determine what your budget is for payroll software in India, as you may only need a few basic features which are available at a lower cost.

The user interface: This is important for both you and your employees, who may be able to access self-service employee apps for some of these options. Many offer guided trials for interested customers, so use these before purchasing.

Tax services: A software option that takes care of your filing can save you a big headache at tax time.

Integrations: If you're already using other software, such as an accounting app, you may want a payroll software option that integrates with the software you currently use.

1. Keka
Keka payroll is the complete list of employees who receive remuneration that is paid by a company for their services. Keka is a cloud-based human resources (HR) solution that helps businesses manage staff profiles, track attendance, process recruitments, and analyze performance.

2. ADP
ADP Payroll software stores data such as pay slips and annual reports in a secure and user-friendly system. This gives your business better security, as well as meaningful data analysis that makes payroll information more targeted.

3. Deel
Deel Payroll software handles benefits, payroll, and HR tasks while your business manages day-to-day activities. Your company directly employs a worker, and Deel is the sole payroll software provider. This software handles all government declarations, wage calculations, deductions, and tax payment withholdings.

4. Paychex
Paychex Flex is an all-in-one payroll software, HR and benefits platform that integrates every aspect of your business to make them easier to manage. Paychex Flex software is our scalable, all-in-one HR technology platform that offers a robust set of workforce management tools to help increase productivity by streamlining processes with customized solutions.

5. Pocket HRMS
Pocket HRMS is best payroll software in India for quick payroll processing. Automate deductions and design pay slips on the go with our payroll software. Benefits of Pocket HRMS software are Employee Time Tracking, HR MIS Reports & Analytics, Expense Management, Attendance Management & Employee Management.

Benefits of using payroll software in India

The best software makes it possible to accomplish tasks that once would have required a full-time employee. Choosing the right payroll and HR management software for your small business can assist you grow, keep your team or employees happy, and ensure that you’re complying with all tax and legal requirements without having to hire a dedicated person to manage these things.

If you don't have incorporated your business yet then it’s a good idea to do so before hiring employees. This way, you will keep your personal finances safe from any liabilities your business may incur. An easy way to incorporate is to use WPHRM and, once incorporated, WPHRM can also help you manage any legal aspects of your corporation, so you can feel confident that you are in compliance. Like the payroll solutions India covered in this article, WPHRM is a software tool that allows you to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

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